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Adam Robert Young July 27

Life’s Cyclic Journey

Just a quick share of what I think is one of my more symbolic images…

Yangji cun police protester Guangzhou China July 25

Yangji #1: Yao’s eviction

You may have read my post on Xiancun village last week. This week, the story of an urban village in a more advanced stage of demolition and a sign of what lies ahead for Xiancun: Yangji Village. This is what Yangji village used to look like: I didn’t visit Yangji village until almost all of […]

Matt Stuart – street photography with a sense of humour

Rarely do I see street photography that makes me laugh. Matt Stuart’s work is an exception. He captures unique moments and possesses an eye that I seriously envy. Rather than ramble on, I’ll just give you the link to his website and leave you to check his work out yourself! Enjoy!

A very interesting post…

I stumbled on a very interesting post on a Russian website here about a photographic series based on the Chinese “replica” art industry. It features “artists” holding their works with the backdrop of urban villages which could very well be the ones I visit regularly. I recognise the tiles and the stuff posted on the […]


Missing Sydney right now! Haven’t been home in about two years now. Hope to get the chance near the end of the year or early next year… This is some of the steps inside the Queen Victoria Building (ie. QVB) in Sydney.

Another classic abstract (well, I like it…)

I thought things were getting kinda heavy, so here’s a quick image from the archives back in my film-using days. It’s one of those lights made of optical fibres (big in the ’80’s – and I wanna clarify I was only a kid back then). I set the camera on a tripod and then blew […]

Adam Robert Young Xian Cun Guangzhou China Photography July 14

Xiancun village – A brave fight and sad loss

Today, the village of Xiancun in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou is surrounded by a wall with police and military guards at the gates, and the community is preparing for its inevitably tragic fate. ID is required to enter the village, and at this point, nobody but the local residents who stay and fight […]