By the light of the laptop - a photo by Adam Robert Young August 31


Making the most…

I’m gonna start by saying that this month I’ve been busy. MEGA busy! Between moving home, running around frantically organising visa stuff so that don’t get kicked out of China and starting a new job with an extremely disorganised company, there’s been very little time to get out and spend some serious time shooting.

That, however, is no excuse to leave the camera on the shelf collecting dust. Life goes on regardless, and while it continues, open eyes can allow you to see beauty everywhere. During my hectic time over the last month or so, I was only able to shoot while at home, eating out, or somewhere in between. Here’s a few images I captured in that time…

Lonely night

Saw this lonely-looking girl lit by her computer while waiting for my dinner at the local Irish Pub one evening

Together Alone

My sister in-law Diep came to stay for a week or so, I snapped this shot while she silently chatted online one night after my wife and I had gone to bed (obviously I got back up for the shot)


Shortly after moving into the new apartment, I was pleased to see this sunset one evening

So I guess the lesson is this: keep your eyes open and keep your camera near (and it’s never nearer than when you’re at home). Here endeth the lesson.