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Galleries page of Adam Robert Young's photography website October 05

Updated Site

Well, I guess it’s about time… I’ve updated my website. I’ve added a whole new gallery, although those of you who’ve been following this blog will already recognise the images from some more recent posts of mine. The idea I’m currently tossing around for some new projects to supplement my continuing ones is an exploration […]

Mid-Autumn Festival in Guangzhou by Adam Robert Young October 03

Mid-autumn day and kids being kids

For anyone who knows anything about mid-autumn festival in China, the very mention of the event conjures up images of boxes of sickeningly heavy mooncakes given as gifts and immediately gifted to someone else. They are the traditional fare of the season, but nobody really enjoys eating them, so they get re-gifted in the same […]

Influences: Steve McCurry

One of the most iconic photographic portraits is that of the Afghan girl that featured on the cover of National Geographic magazine back in June, 1985. It certainly is a striking image, but the photographer who captured the image is no one-hit wonder. One of the photographers whose images are always at the back of […]