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Xian Cun Village Guangzhou, China April 24

Children, propaganda and death in Xiancun (Behind the Wall – Xiancun Village Today Part 2)

This is a continuation of a post based on my final trip to Xiancun village. Some of what you read may make little sense unless you take a quick look at some of the background in this post. As I was walking inside Xiancun towards the public meeting and undercover officers that I would soon […]

Guangzhou abstract by Adam Robert Young April 22

Something completely different

Sometimes it’s fun to experiment. Back when I lived in China (for those that haven’t caught up, I now live in Saigon), I decided one day to take a pic of the city of GZ from the building I worked in. But there are so many cityscapes, and Guangzhou is not all that inspiring anyway, […]

Xian Cun urban village in Guangzhou, China - Adam Robert Young April 10

Behind the wall – Xiancun village today (Part 1)

Vacant shells of half-demolished buildings rise from piles of concrete rubble. This scene of utter destruction, despite appearances, is not the remains of a bombed city in a war-torn nation. It is a suburb smack-bang in the middle of one of the fastest developing Chinese cities – Guangzhou. Those that have been following this blog […]