Something completely different

Sometimes it’s fun to experiment. Back when I lived in China (for those that haven’t caught up, I now live in Saigon), I decided one day to take a pic of the city of GZ from the building I worked in. But there are so many cityscapes, and Guangzhou is not all that inspiring anyway, so I tried something different…

I took a whole heap of shots of the view with different angles and framing, and combined them in Photoshop. But instead of doing a regular merge that aims to preserve the integrity of what was before the camera, I decided to get a little more creative with loose alignment and more abstract blending techniques.

The result was something that was quite different from the original, but an image that holds great interest when viewed full size. Unfortunately what you see here is a vastly scaled-down version, but trust me that when viewed full-sized, there are so many interesting micro-worlds created by my messing with the image that you just wanna look more and more closely.

Guangzhou through my eyes

My posts have been few and far between, as I have been flat out day after day since I moved to Vietnam. I’m hoping next week to finally get some down time after finding an apartment so I can start getting out with my camera to start capturing slices of life in my new country of residence. It’s frustrating to be living in a country with such a richness of scenes, textures, and people and not have any images to share with y’all.

I’m looking forward to sharing some scenes from my new life… stay tuned…