Scenes from a Saigon cafe

It’s just another day in Saigon, but there’s always something interesting going on, as these images from my favourite little cafe near my apartment show…

Of course just observing the regular folk that come to take twenty minutes of down time with an iced coffee is a great way to start the day.

Old guy 1

And of course the coffee is amazing!

Caphe sua da 1

Even the free tea is great!

Tra da

But that could be a cafe anywhere. Vietnam, however, ain’t no ordinary place…

On this particular day, I looked across to see one of the patrons had two friends with him, one of whom was not human.


It didn’t take very long to figure out that this was no ordinary pet. It was a fighting rooster. While betting on cock fights is illegal in Vietnam, the actual fighting is not. My personal thoughts about this barbaric “sport” aside, I was fascinated by the relationship the man had with his ward. He used a hose outside the cafe to give him a bath, meticulously washing each individual feather. He gently hand fed the rooster and gave it water to drink, then continued to groom the bird.


It turns out he lives next to the cafe, and he has a number of fighters that he raises. He brought out another apparently new bird and let the two at each other for a few seconds to judge their power and level of aggression.


My girl has a phobia about worms, so our time at the cafe was over once she spotted the bag of food the man had picked up for his birds.


Oh well, it was an interesting time while it lasted! Let’s see what our next daily visit to the cafe brings…