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Adam Robert Young Photography September 10

Only in China!

It’s interesting the difference in how different cultures perceive the notion of “face”. People often say a key part of Chinese culture is this very idea, but I would argue that it’s a universal thing, even if it takes different forms in other cultures, or is not quite as pervasive. This photo which I took […]

Vietnamese Local by Adam Robert Young September 08

Chocolate and an unusual delicacy in Vietnam!

Time for a bit of a personal post today… One benefit of having a large family on my wife’s side is the exposure to parts of Vietnam I’d otherwise never get. On Vietnamese national day this year, we went back to my girl’s hometown for a few days. On the second day in Binh Long […]

September 05

The challenge of colour photography

Here’s a photo I took last month in Ho Chi Minh City, but it’s a photo you will never see published on my website, you won’t see it in any of my books, and I’ll never print it out… It’s not that it’s a terrible photo (although it’s certainly not a great one either). The […]