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Color Me Run Saigon 2014 April 28

Color Me Run – Ho Chi Minh City, 2014.

(All images © 2014 Adam Robert Young, all rights reserved) Thousands of people, even more bags of brightly coloured powder and a 5 kilometer run. This could only end in really pretty disaster! And then there’s the concert at the end with Vietnamese and international artists including Australia’s own Timomatic and multi-Grammy award winning Kelly […]

rice farmer Vietnam April 26

The rice farmer

Met this guy on a recent random ride around the outskirts of Saigon. He was working in his rice paddy in the sweltering heat – the fact that he had to immerse himself in the water to repair a hole in the levy must have brought some relief from the heat at least.

April 07

Recent work – the random nature of magazine photography

Just thought I’d share some snaps from the last two issues to show the range of photos I’ve been called on to take for Oi Vietnam over the last two months. Some are more fun than others, but if anything, I’m learning to be more and more versatile! If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll […]

Juicy steak food photography April 06

A simple but magical trick for food photography…

Sometimes it’s the really small things that make all the difference… Last month one of my jobs was to take photos of some new dishes for a Saigon restaurant called Indaba. The photos were to be used in a print advertisement promoting this month’s special dishes, as they change some items in the menu month […]

HDR Pro Cellphone Photo April 06

Getting creative with mobile phone photography

I am intensely jealous of anyone whose cellphone has a camera capable of taking even halfway-decent images! My mobile (a Motorola XT615) has the worst camera I’ve ever seen on a phone. That doesn’t mean I can’t take some interesting shots with it, though. I just have to get a little more creative! It was […]