Monthly Archives: June 2014

Vietnamese sand art June 30

Vietnamese sand art

When I heard I was to do photos for a story on Vietnamese sand artists, I had no idea whatsoever what sand art actually was. I had seen artists who did realtime art using sand on a backlit panel – a constantly changing work that was skillfully manipulated by the artist to morph from one […]

June 16

Bitexco reflections

Bitexco tower must be one of the most photographed buildings in Ho Chi Minh City, so a couple of months ago I set myself the challenge of taking some photos there that were unique and creative. I decided to use the reflections in the pools at the base of the building and the glass windows […]

Adam Robert Young leads a Moto Foto tour in Ho Chi Minh City June 15

My photographic tour of Saigon gets its first review…

OK, so it’s technically not my tour – I’ve recently started leading some of the well-established “Moto Foto” tours, a 4-hour photographic workshop and tour of Ho Chi Minh City – but I definitely give it my own twist! What better way to get to know your camera and its functions than being taken to […]

Parkour in Saigon Vietnam Ho Chi MInh City AO Show June 08

Parkour and acrobatic madness in Saigon

For the photo feature in this month’s magazine, we decided to take some performers from the AO Show that is currently running in Saigon’s Opera House and do some acrobatic parkour-ish photos in some place that had an industrial or raw kinda vibe. We ended up shooting in a house in a planned community that […]

T.O.X. from Sons of God graffiti crew, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam June 06

Sons of God – third generation graffiti in Vietnam

One assignment for this month’s issue of Oi Vietnam that I was happy to do was on a young graffiti crew called Sons of God. For details, be sure to check out the article in the June issue either by viewing it online or by downloading the PDF version. They were great guys and I […]

Dinner Withlocals Ho Chi MInh City June 06

Dinner With Locals in Saigon

Last week, thanks to Withlocals, I experienced an amazing Vietnamese banquet prepared by a former restauranteur. Withlocals is a great way to really experience the local culture when travelling overseas. One kind of experience that can be arranged via their website is to enjoy an authentic home-cooked meal in the home of a local family. […]

liebster award June 01

Liebster Award nomination (again).

I’m happy to announce I’ve been nominated for a Liebster award, which is basically an encouragement sent to bloggers who haven’t yet reached superstar status in terms of follower numbers, but who have some great content. It’s a way we can draw more attention to these deserving writers and artists. I was actually nominated in […]