Those were the days – photography for the July issue

I won’t water it down: this month sucked bigtime! Just like any other job, there are times when everything is great and you’re loving it. There are also times when all you want to do is find a boulder, dig a hole under it and crawl in never to emerge again. This month was the latter.

So, in an attempt to stay positive, I’m going to instead post on the previous month, which was a lot more fun!

I’d just added an extra flash to my gear collection, and was pleased that the July issue of Oi gave me the chance to try it out while taking some portraits for the cover story on designers in Ho Chi Minh City. I was assigned fashion designer Adrian Anh Tuan of Valenciano, Vivek Chaudhary – the jewelry designer and curator of Gallery Vivekkevin – and Nguyen Luong Bang, who designed one of the top wifi apps here in Vietnam.

Here’s some of the shots…

Adrian Anh Tuan

Adrian Anh Tuan

Vivek Chaudhary


The wifi superman shot was the most fun! Actually the wifi logo was not on the shirt – I added it in later in Photoshop, but more on that in a later post…

And then there was the cover shot. I won’t go into details in this particular post, but things didn’t exactly go according to plan for the majority of the time leading up to and during the shoot, but all things considered, I’m still satisfied with the end results.


I also did a shoot at Hum vegetarian restaurant and was pleased with some of the shots, but that was moved to the August issue, so I can’t share the shots just yet. The fact that those shots will be in the coming issue is something I console myself with. Perhaps I’ll go into a little more detail about why preparation for the following month’s issue left me so traumatised, or maybe not, we’ll see…