An upcoming exhibition in Brisbane…

I’ve never been superstitious. In fact, I’m the kind of person who goes out of his way to walk under ladders, open umbrellas indoors and god knows how many mirrors I’ve broken, so I was quite excited to find out that the opening night for the upcoming group exhibition “In Plain Sight” will fall on Friday the thirteenth!

The show will feature my work, along with the work of three other postgraduate students from the Queensland College of Art (QCA, Griffith University), and is being held at the Woolloongabba Art Museum (right near “the Gabba”, for international cricket fans who are not so familiar with Brisbane geography). It’s great to be showing work alongside others who do such different things (artworks range from watercolour and video to photography and installation), but who also do really great and interesting stuff!

ips 1

If you’re in Brisbane this coming Friday evening, be sure to drop by and say hi! Of course there’s the usual free wine and snacks, but it’s a rare chance to check out some of my new work on a larger scale, along with some other really fascinating pieces. Here’s the reverse side of the invitation with all the details, See you there, I’ll be the one standing under the ladder with a black cat:

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