Two Down, One to Go…

November’s been a busy one, but a good one.

October saw me wrap up the first year of my Masters degree (on a pretty decent note), and this month I turned my focus to getting my work from this year “out there”.

I was pleased to be invited to be a part of two separate group shows. The first was “In Plain Sight”, a show put on at Woolloongabba Art Gallery with Carolyn Stubbin, Kathryn Blumke, Francisca Vanderwoude and myself. It was an interesting show covering topics from women’s health to comparison of the white vs indigenous Australian experience to feminist issues and motherhood. It would seem my phogographs would be out of place in such an exhibition, yet somehow it all worked together as a unified whole, with aspects of my work overlapping thematically or visually with each of the others’.

Kath 1Kathryn Blumke’s watercolours

Carolyn's 1Carolyn Stubbin’s work explored the way her family history and experience growing up as a white girl in rural Queensland differed from that of a local indigenous figure.

Mine 1Four images from my recent work were part of the Woolloongabba Art Gallery show.

Barely a week later I hung ten images as part of a different group show in Matthew Flinders Gallery on Bribie Island just north of Brisbane. My images hung alongside those of Nicola Garrett, Kazmin Samia, Carolyn Stubbin and Gail Johnston.


Talking with some of the guests during our closing night

I’ve gotta say I enjoy watching people engaging with my work!

Carolyn Stubbin chats with a guest during the closing night.



2It was great to get out of Brisbane with Jade for a while.

While these two exhibitions were great, the one I’m really looking forward to is my next. Instead of hanging my photographs on the wall of a gallery, I will be displaying massive photos (almost two metres/over six feet wide) in a public space. My current series of photographs deals with the theatre of the public space, and it only makes sense to have them displayed in the same kind of space. While those that regularly visit art galleries may appreciate aspects of my work, there is something about my most recent series that anybody would be able to connect with, and as the general public are the stars that strut the stage of the streets that I photograph, it would be absurd to hide my photographs away out of their sight. Putting the images up in public places is the most egalitarian way of disseminating my art that I can think of, so I’m really looking forward to it!

SB 1 crop 2One of the images that will appear somewhere in Brisbane soon…

The pop-up “guerilla gallery” will appear for one day only. Mark 12/12 into your calendar and stay tuned for the location. All will be revealed in due time…