About Adam

I’m an Australian photographer currently based in Brisbane after more than a decade living in Vietnam and China. Generally drawn to social documentary and street photography, I like to tell the stories of people whose lives and situations would otherwise go unseen, and also to share glimpses of places and stories that many may otherwise never get the chance to see.

This blog, however, is not just about that stuff. It’s generally an eclectic collection of accounts and musings both on photography and other things that spring into my mind at various times, because ultimately, photographs reflect a combination of experiences, techniques, philosophies, emotions, skills, insecurities, pain, joy, history, and the world view of their creator – the photographer. So although not everything in this blog is strictly photography-related, everything is interconnected and gives an indication of what’s going on in my head when I press the shutter.

I like to think I’m generally a nice, approachable guy, so feel free to contact me. I’m happy to talk about anything or to answer any questions, and look forward to connecting with some other interesting people.

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