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September 05

The challenge of colour photography

Here’s a photo I took last month in Ho Chi Minh City, but it’s a photo you will never see published on my website, you won’t see it in any of my books, and I’ll never print it out… It’s not that it’s a terrible photo (although it’s certainly not a great one either). The […]

Crescent Mall scene by Adam Robert Young August 01

Hunger and curiosity

When I spotted this little cutie in a Gloria Jeans cafe in Crescent Mall, Ho Chi Minh City, I wasn’t sure if she was hungry or just curious. The more I thought about it, the more I realised there’s little difference between the two, as curiosity is a kind of hunger – hunger to learn, […]

After photoshop screen layer blending mode May 03

Pulling details out of shadow in Photoshop with blending modes

Let me start with this: I AM NOT, NOR CLAIM TO BE, A PHOTO EDITING MAESTRO. There are many folk out there who are veritable wizards with Photoshop and the plethora of image editing programs out there. I am simply a photographer who likes to make the most of the tools at my disposal. To […]

Canton tower night lights - Adam Robert Young September 06

Embrace it!

Excuses Excuses Excuses… “If only I had better gear, I could take some amazing photos!” “I didn’t bring my camera, how can I take photos? Mobile phone cameras don’t allow me the control I need to produce anything of any quality” Well, I can understand where people who say these things are coming from. There’s […]

By the light of the laptop - a photo by Adam Robert Young August 31

Making the most…

I’m gonna start by saying that this month I’ve been busy. MEGA busy! Between moving home, running around frantically organising visa stuff so that don’t get kicked out of China and starting a new job with an extremely disorganised company, there’s been very little time to get out and spend some serious time shooting. That, […]


Just a quick post to remind everyone to try to see the beauty in the everyday. Here’s a shot of some pipes seen outside a hardware store here in Guangzhou – an oldie from the archives!

Regret and Observation

(This is the last entry transferred from my short-lived Wix blog.  It was originally written this morning) Wow!  I can’t believe it’s four days since the last post!  I wish I could say it’s been a busy time, but it’s more related to internet issues here in China! Anyway, let’s get down to it… What […]