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January 21

Street Photography in Brisbane’s CBD

Follow me as I share the hits and misses from about an hour wandering around Queen Street Mall in Brisbane, Australia. This is Australian street photography…  

Saigoneer photowalk with Adam Robert Young October 25

Saigoneer photowalk in retrospect

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to lead one of Saigoneer’s monthly photowalks. The starting point had already been selected by the folk at Saigoneer: a cafe called Mekong Merchant in District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City. I had a ride around in the week previous to the walk and found […]

Vietnamese man holding his big cock by Adam Robert Young October 15

Saigoneer Photowalk this Sunday – be quick!

Hi everyone. Just a quick plug for my upcoming photowalk this Sunday in collaboration with Saigoneer. If you’re in Ho Chi Minh City, it should be a great time! This is me, just in case you wanna know who to look out for on Sunday! We’ll start at Mekong Merchant and enjoy a nice coffee […]

June 16

Bitexco reflections

Bitexco tower must be one of the most photographed buildings in Ho Chi Minh City, so a couple of months ago I set myself the challenge of taking some photos there that were unique and creative. I decided to use the reflections in the pools at the base of the building and the glass windows […]

Adam Robert Young leads a Moto Foto tour in Ho Chi Minh City June 15

My photographic tour of Saigon gets its first review…

OK, so it’s technically not my tour – I’ve recently started leading some of the well-established “Moto Foto” tours, a 4-hour photographic workshop and tour of Ho Chi Minh City – but I definitely give it my own twist! What better way to get to know your camera and its functions than being taken to […]

Coffin in Binh Hung Hoa cemetery, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam May 26

The mystery of the burning coffin

You certainly see some strange things when you live far from your homeland, but never have I been perplexed as I was as I stared at the half-burnt coffin that I stumbled upon recently on a walk through Binh Hung Hoa cemetery in Ho Chi Minh city. Let me start by taking you back to […]