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Mid-Autumn Festival in Guangzhou by Adam Robert Young October 03

Mid-autumn day and kids being kids

For anyone who knows anything about mid-autumn festival in China, the very mention of the event conjures up images of boxes of sickeningly heavy mooncakes given as gifts and immediately gifted to someone else. They are the traditional fare of the season, but nobody really enjoys eating them, so they get re-gifted in the same […]

September 21

My blood chilled and my heart warmed (slightly)

As I mentioned at the tail end of my post on the Anti-Japanese Protests on the 18th of September, I saw things that inspired me, and some that filled me with a deep feeling of sadness. Let’s start with the bad and end on the slightly more positive one. As the protests over ownership of […]

Anti Japanese protests, Guangzhou, China September 19

Anti-Japanese Protests – In the Thick of it

Standing in the seething mass of angry people on Tianhe Road in Guangzhou on Tuesday afternoon, it’s easy to see not only the fervour and strength of resentment of many Chinese toward Japan, but also many clues that this whole series of protests had the full support of people much higher up the ladder… Around […]

September 14

It’s all about the face!

Recently, Guangzhou made headlines with its new policies banning smoking in public places. In any other country, this may have been cause for celebration to those non-smokers like me who are sick of being forced to choose between passive smoking and dining out… But this is China. The sad fact is, one of the key […]

Ghost festival photograph by Adam Robert Young September 03

Ghost Festival in China

It seems every time I take a wander through one of Guangzhou’s urban villages, I stumble on something new. This time I saw resident after resident burning incense, gold ingots made of folded paper, food and alcohol outside the doors to their homes. It turns out they were following the rituals associated with the Chinese […]

Yangji cun police protester Guangzhou China July 25

Yangji #1: Yao’s eviction

You may have read my post on Xiancun village last week. This week, the story of an urban village in a more advanced stage of demolition and a sign of what lies ahead for Xiancun: Yangji Village. This is what Yangji village used to look like: I didn’t visit Yangji village until almost all of […]

A very interesting post…

I stumbled on a very interesting post on a Russian website here about a photographic series based on the Chinese “replica” art industry. It features “artists” holding their works with the backdrop of urban villages which could very well be the ones I visit regularly. I recognise the tiles and the stuff posted on the […]