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Abstract nude photography by Adam Robert Young February 13

Abstract nude

An oldie from back in the day, just for something different.

Adam Robert Young China Guangzhou May 29

An oldie but a goodie

Figured I’d share a little triple exposure photo I took back in the day when I shot with film… It’s the result of taking three different photos without advancing the film, so the light was captured three times on the same frame. The first frame was the school you see – in focus. Then I […]

Guangzhou abstract by Adam Robert Young April 22

Something completely different

Sometimes it’s fun to experiment. Back when I lived in China (for those that haven’t caught up, I now live in Saigon), I decided one day to take a pic of the city of GZ from the building I worked in. But there are so many cityscapes, and Guangzhou is not all that inspiring anyway, […]

Another classic abstract (well, I like it…)

I thought things were getting kinda heavy, so here’s a quick image from the archives back in my film-using days. It’s one of those lights made of optical fibres (big in the ’80’s – and I wanna clarify I was only a kid back then). I set the camera on a tripod and then blew […]