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T.O.X. from Sons of God graffiti crew, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam June 06

Sons of God – third generation graffiti in Vietnam

One assignment for this month’s issue of Oi Vietnam that I was happy to do was on a young graffiti crew called Sons of God. For details, be sure to check out the article in the June issue either by viewing it online or by downloading the PDF version. They were great guys and I […]

Ghost in the Ho Chi Minh City Fine Art Museum - photography by Adam Robert Young February 22

The making of a ghost in Saigon

In the Fine Arts museum in Saigon, a silent figure is caught between the world of the living and the dead. Whispers and rumours have been wafting around of a tormented girl wandering the halls of this historic building for decades. I was assigned the task of capturing an image of the fine arts museum […]

Abstract nude photography by Adam Robert Young February 13

Abstract nude

An oldie from back in the day, just for something different.

A very interesting post…

I stumbled on a very interesting post on a Russian website here about a photographic series based on the Chinese “replica” art industry. It features “artists” holding their works with the backdrop of urban villages which could very well be the ones I visit regularly. I recognise the tiles and the stuff posted on the […]


Missing Sydney right now! Haven’t been home in about two years now. Hope to get the chance near the end of the year or early next year… This is some of the steps inside the Queen Victoria Building (ie. QVB) in Sydney.

Another classic abstract (well, I like it…)

I thought things were getting kinda heavy, so here’s a quick image from the archives back in my film-using days. It’s one of those lights made of optical fibres (big in the ’80’s – and I wanna clarify I was only a kid back then). I set the camera on a tripod and then blew […]


Just a quick post to remind everyone to try to see the beauty in the everyday. Here’s a shot of some pipes seen outside a hardware store here in Guangzhou – an oldie from the archives!