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Xian Cun Village Guangzhou, China April 24

Children, propaganda and death in Xiancun (Behind the Wall – Xiancun Village Today Part 2)

This is a continuation of a post based on my final trip to Xiancun village. Some of what you read may make little sense unless you take a quick look at some of the background in this post. As I was walking inside Xiancun towards the public meeting and undercover officers that I would soon […]

Guangzhou abstract by Adam Robert Young April 22

Something completely different

Sometimes it’s fun to experiment. Back when I lived in China (for those that haven’t caught up, I now live in Saigon), I decided one day to take a pic of the city of GZ from the building I worked in. But there are so many cityscapes, and Guangzhou is not all that inspiring anyway, […]

Xian Cun urban village in Guangzhou, China - Adam Robert Young April 10

Behind the wall – Xiancun village today (Part 1)

Vacant shells of half-demolished buildings rise from piles of concrete rubble. This scene of utter destruction, despite appearances, is not the remains of a bombed city in a war-torn nation. It is a suburb smack-bang in the middle of one of the fastest developing Chinese cities – Guangzhou. Those that have been following this blog […]

Scene from one of Guangzhou's urban villages by Adam Robert Young March 13

Time is ticking…

They say you don’t miss your water ’till the well runs dry, but what about when you can see it evaporating before your eyes? Makes you wanna dive in and gulp down the last few litres before it’s gone forever! That’s a bit like the way I feel right now. As much as China has […]

Jade jumping on Manly Beach March 01

Personal stuff

Life is like a bullet train journey. When it’s stopped, enjoy the peace, ’cause nothing you do can force the train to move until the time is right, and once it fires up and starts down that track, there’s no stopping it until it reaches the next station. Well, many of you will have noticed […]

Chinese New Year in Guangzhou - Adam Robert Young February 12

Door to door – Chinese new year in Guangzhou

One thing that’s really great about Chinese new year is the wishes for prosperity and luck posted on millions of doors throughout the city. I love the way these mass-produced glorified stickers take on a completely different character by the place and way they’re stuck up. Some are meticulously placed, held on by unseen glue […]

Guangzhou Dating by Adam Robert Young December 12

Dating in Guangzhou, 2012

Seems we’re losing our ability to connect with people face to face, preferring online connections, at least if many Guangzhou couples are anything to go by.