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David Tao Guangzhou concert by Adam Robert Young October 30

A Chinese concert and a revelation

What many people don’t know is that photography isn’t my only creative outlet. I am also a musician – or at least I used to be. I hung the guitar up many years ago, and it has sat collecting dust ever since. Lately, however, I have started to feel the draw back to music. I’ve […]

Chinese New Year in Guangzhou - Adam Robert Young February 12

Door to door – Chinese new year in Guangzhou

One thing that’s really great about Chinese new year is the wishes for prosperity and luck posted on millions of doors throughout the city. I love the way these mass-produced glorified stickers take on a completely different character by the place and way they’re stuck up. Some are meticulously placed, held on by unseen glue […]

Guangzhou Dating by Adam Robert Young December 12

Dating in Guangzhou, 2012

Seems we’re losing our ability to connect with people face to face, preferring online connections, at least if many Guangzhou couples are anything to go by.

Anti Japanese protests, Guangzhou, China September 19

Anti-Japanese Protests – In the Thick of it

Standing in the seething mass of angry people on Tianhe Road in Guangzhou on Tuesday afternoon, it’s easy to see not only the fervour and strength of resentment of many Chinese toward Japan, but also many clues that this whole series of protests had the full support of people much higher up the ladder… Around […]

Ghost festival photograph by Adam Robert Young September 03

Ghost Festival in China

It seems every time I take a wander through one of Guangzhou’s urban villages, I stumble on something new. This time I saw resident after resident burning incense, gold ingots made of folded paper, food and alcohol outside the doors to their homes. It turns out they were following the rituals associated with the Chinese […]

A very interesting post…

I stumbled on a very interesting post on a Russian website here about a photographic series based on the Chinese “replica” art industry. It features “artists” holding their works with the backdrop of urban villages which could very well be the ones I visit regularly. I recognise the tiles and the stuff posted on the […]