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St Patrick's Day March 17

Happy St Patrick’s day!

I didn’t realise today was St Patrick’s day until I started seeing posts on Facebook about it. It’s not something that’s well-known here in Vietnam (in a similar way as we have no idea about Teachers’ Day or Women’s Day back in Australia). And since I don’t hang out in the backpacker district of Pham […]

Reunification Palace Light show in Saigon, 2013, by Adam Robert Young. February 26

From the archives: Reunification Light

Here’s an example of when things work together to lift an ordinary shot up to something more… I was shooting a light show organised by the French consulate in Saigon to celebrate French-Vietnamese friendship toward the end of 2013. The photographers had turned out en-masse and were all shooting much the same thing as each […]

September 05

The challenge of colour photography

Here’s a photo I took last month in Ho Chi Minh City, but it’s a photo you will never see published on my website, you won’t see it in any of my books, and I’ll never print it out… It’s not that it’s a terrible photo (although it’s certainly not a great one either). The […]