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brisbane street photographers April 24

Street Photographers of Brisbane

In this short documentary, I speak with three street photographers from Brisbane, Australia to get their views on the genre. I also ask them about what is unique to doing street photography in Brisbane, and if they have encountered any confrontation in the streets. Hope you enjoy!

Website Adam Robert Young galleries photography photographer photojournalist photojournalism February 28

New Galleries!

I know I’ve been a little inactive here for a while, but it’s time I broke my silence to share with y’all what I’ve been up to. I’ve been working in Cambodia with some government and non-government organisations. With a range of topics from mental health and sex workers’ human rights to street art and […]

Just had to share this. I could be outraged by what was done, but I choose to be inspired by the victims’ resilience instead. A moving photoessay.

Anti Japanese protests, Guangzhou, China September 19

Anti-Japanese Protests – In the Thick of it

Standing in the seething mass of angry people on Tianhe Road in Guangzhou on Tuesday afternoon, it’s easy to see not only the fervour and strength of resentment of many Chinese toward Japan, but also many clues that this whole series of protests had the full support of people much higher up the ladder… Around […]

Anti-Japanese protests in Guangzhou, 2012 September 17

Anti-Japanese protests in Guangzhou

I’m not gonna get into the background, as most people will have heard something about the protests in China over the Senkaku/Diao Yu Islands (their name depends on if you ask a Japanese or Chinese person), and if you haven’t, you can always do a quick Google to find out. What I AM going to […]

Yangji cun police protester Guangzhou China July 25

Yangji #1: Yao’s eviction

You may have read my post on Xiancun village last week. This week, the story of an urban village in a more advanced stage of demolition and a sign of what lies ahead for Xiancun: Yangji Village. This is what Yangji village used to look like: I didn’t visit Yangji village until almost all of […]

Adam Robert Young Xian Cun Guangzhou China Photography July 14

Xiancun village – A brave fight and sad loss

Today, the village of Xiancun in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou is surrounded by a wall with police and military guards at the gates, and the community is preparing for its inevitably tragic fate. ID is required to enter the village, and at this point, nobody but the local residents who stay and fight […]