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Calligraphy in China, with a twist…

Back in my university days, a part of my Chinese studies course involved learning Chinese calligraphy – writing Chinese characters with ink and a brush. The one thing I really learnt was this: IT’S FREAKING DIFFICULT! This highly involved art form still permeates Chinese culture, and on a recent walk on my way to an […]

Wandering Chinese Alleys

Last Tuesday I was back in the alleys, this time in a couple of urban villages (read slum communities) I’d not been to before – LuJiang (鹭江) and Guitian (桂田) villages.  I was struck by a couple of things, and I’m gonna mention them in relation to the photographs that show the things I saw on the day… 1. […]

Recycle this!

We all know that China is faces major environmental issues largely as a result of their unfettered industrial development over the last decade and a bit.  What you may not know, however, is that the Chinese have a system of recycling that would rival any developed country.  The question is – is it really such […]

Surveillance and Cover-up in China

The dramatic title probably has you expecting to read of some controversial corruption and espionage in the upper echelons of Chinese government.  That’s not what this post is about, it’s something quite different… This post is my account of a strange incident that occurred as I made my way through Dongxi urban village in the southern […]