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The Station by Fang Tong May 14

Influences: Flickr Finds

Call it writer’s block, call it what you will, but sometimes I find myself feeling uninspired and lacking motivation to pick up the camera. One way I’ve found of remedying this is checking out some photographic images that inspire me, and one place that has an abundance of creative, quality photographs is the photo sharing […]

Influences: Steve McCurry

One of the most iconic photographic portraits is that of the Afghan girl that featured on the cover of National Geographic magazine back in June, 1985. It certainly is a striking image, but the photographer who captured the image is no one-hit wonder. One of the photographers whose images are always at the back of […]

Matt Stuart – street photography with a sense of humour

Rarely do I see street photography that makes me laugh. Matt Stuart’s work is an exception. He captures unique moments and possesses an eye that I seriously envy. Rather than ramble on, I’ll just give you the link to his website and leave you to check his work out yourself! Enjoy!

Influences: Trent Parke

I thought I’d take some time to share one of the first photographers to truly inspire me. I feel proud to say that he’s a fellow Australian, and the only Aussie member of the Magnum cooperative: Trent Parke. I’m not gonna talk much about the man himself, as it’s his images that truly inspired me. […]