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Adam Robert Young's final Oi Cover September 12

One door closes – the end of my time with Oi Vietnam

OK, this is certainly not new news, but news I can’t neglect to share here any longer… I am no longer working as staff photographer for Oi Vietnam. While there are stories floating around that I am returning to Australia very soon, I will not be leaving Vietnam until the end of the year or […]

Oi Vietnam July cover - Adam Robert Young July 21

Those were the days – photography for the July issue

I won’t water it down: this month sucked bigtime! Just like any other job, there are times when everything is great and you’re loving it. There are also times when all you want to do is find a boulder, dig a hole under it and crawl in never to emerge again. This month was the […]

Vietnamese sand art June 30

Vietnamese sand art

When I heard I was to do photos for a story on Vietnamese sand artists, I had no idea whatsoever what sand art actually was. I had seen artists who did realtime art using sand on a backlit panel – a constantly changing work that was skillfully manipulated by the artist to morph from one […]

Parkour in Saigon Vietnam Ho Chi MInh City AO Show June 08

Parkour and acrobatic madness in Saigon

For the photo feature in this month’s magazine, we decided to take some performers from the AO Show that is currently running in Saigon’s Opera House and do some acrobatic parkour-ish photos in some place that had an industrial or raw kinda vibe. We ended up shooting in a house in a planned community that […]

Hanh Thong Tay Church May 20

Better than the famous one! Saigon’s most impressive cathedral.

So you come to Ho Chi Minh City with a checklist of places to visit. Ben Thanh Market. The War Remnants Museum. And of course Notre Dame Cathedral. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But… For each of those places there’s another less famous spot that’s even better. OK, the War Remnants museum is […]

Color Me Run Saigon 2014 April 28

Color Me Run – Ho Chi Minh City, 2014.

(All images © 2014 Adam Robert Young, all rights reserved) Thousands of people, even more bags of brightly coloured powder and a 5 kilometer run. This could only end in really pretty disaster! And then there’s the concert at the end with Vietnamese and international artists including Australia’s own Timomatic and multi-Grammy award winning Kelly […]

April 07

Recent work – the random nature of magazine photography

Just thought I’d share some snaps from the last two issues to show the range of photos I’ve been called on to take for Oi Vietnam over the last two months. Some are more fun than others, but if anything, I’m learning to be more and more versatile! If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll […]