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Adam Robert Young November 27

Two Down, One to Go…

November’s been a busy one, but a good one. October saw me wrap up the first year of my Masters degree (on a pretty decent note), and this month I turned my focus to getting my work from this year “out there”. I was pleased to be invited to be a part of two separate […]

November 10

An upcoming exhibition in Brisbane…

I’ve never been superstitious. In fact, I’m the kind of person who goes out of his way to walk under ladders, open umbrellas indoors and god knows how many mirrors I’ve broken, so I was quite excited to find out that the opening night for the upcoming group exhibition “In Plain Sight” will fall on […]

King George Square Brisbane Adam Robert Young street photography August 12

King George Square in August (take 1)


Brisbane street photography Adam Robert Young May 09

Getting back to the streets

It seems it’s time for me to get out and shoot just for me. With all the time I’ve spent recently shooting for others (even Saigon Panorama is technically not MY book – I did it on commission for a publisher in Vietnam), it feels like I’d almost forgotten what it is to make photos […]

Buddha's Birthday Festival 2015 Brisbane May 07

Buddha’s Birthday Festival, Brisbane ’15

Just thought I’d share some photos from the festival at South Bank last weekend. The festival started with a blessing of the Bodhi Tree outside the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), which is claimed to have direct lineage to India’s original Bodhi Tree where the founder of Buddhism – Siddhartha Gautama – is said to […]

Cyclone Marcia flooding Brisbane rain February 23

Brisbane flooding

I’m sure you all heard about the devastation caused by tropical cyclone Marcia a few days ago. By the time it reached Brisbane, it had been downgraded to the status of a low pressure system. While part of me was disappointed for the lack of dramatic photo opportunities, I was still pleased that all Brisbanites […]