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Photo by Adam Robert Young October 08

The day I almost became a father in Saigon!

Just one word: AWKWARD. That’s how I felt when the woman looked into my eyes and asked if I wanted to take her youngest son. It was certainly not the kind of thing I was expecting when I set out on a random walk across the river from my apartment last Sunday morning. Here’s the […]

July 18

Life in the Block

One thing I’ve noted about squatter communities is that they always seem to be quite close-knit groups. I took a trip back to the abandoned apartment block in District 5 of Ho Chi Minh City last weekend and discovered that the block is a self-contained residential area, with people not only living and playing in […]

Adam Robert Young Vietnam photography July 12

The Block

Five minutes scooter ride from downtown Ho Chi Minh City stands an old decrepit building in District 5 of the metropolis. This fourteen-story monolith is home to a large community of squatters, and my latest and greatest discovery here. Some of the mailboxes at the base of the building. “Loi ra” means “exit” OK, honestly, […]

Vietnamese iced tea by Adam Robert Young May 26

Scenes from a Saigon cafe

It’s just another day in Saigon, but there’s always something interesting going on, as these images from my favourite little cafe near my apartment show… Of course just observing the regular folk that come to take twenty minutes of down time with an iced coffee is a great way to start the day. And of […]

Saigon cat photograph - Adam Robert Young May 19

Saigon Wandering

I’ve been in Vietnam since the first day of April, but the demands of reality have meant it is not until yesterday that I finally got the chance to get out with my camera. It was a long time coming, but quite worthwhile. I took a walk down to the pedestrian bridge that crosses the […]

Guangzhou Dating by Adam Robert Young December 12

Dating in Guangzhou, 2012

Seems we’re losing our ability to connect with people face to face, preferring online connections, at least if many Guangzhou couples are anything to go by.

Tangxia Cun Guangzhou by Adam Robert Young November 16

Tangxia – new inspiration

After so many trips to the same urban villages in Guangzhou, I was in need of something fresh. I love the urban villages – photographically there are so many things that make for interesting images with great textures and lighting that inspires me every time, as well as the fact that they’re populated by a […]