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Jade Emperor Pagoda September 14

The outtakes part 1: Jade Emperor Pagoda

It may seem early to do this, but as we’re millimetres from having the final layout of my upcoming book “Saigon Panorama” completed, I can share with you some of the photos that didn’t make it into the book.

Saigon Tax Center demolished demolition Adam Robert Young August 31

Saigon prepares to farewell an icon

Sitting in the centre of the downtown district since 1880, the Saigon Tax Centre has seen countless dramatic changes in the city’s history, and is set to witness one last one: its own demolition. Saigon Tax Centre (left) the day before construction of the city’s first metro line began last month. The building was originally […]

Adam Robert Young leads a Moto Foto tour in Ho Chi Minh City June 15

My photographic tour of Saigon gets its first review…

OK, so it’s technically not my tour – I’ve recently started leading some of the well-established “Moto Foto” tours, a 4-hour photographic workshop and tour of Ho Chi Minh City – but I definitely give it my own twist! What better way to get to know your camera and its functions than being taken to […]

A Dong Nai province temple - Adam Robert Young photography December 09

Finding hidden gems in Vietnam

Now I’m the last person to tell you to rush out and burn your Lonely Planet guidebook, but there’s a realisation I finally came to recently that I just have to share… When it comes to a country so rich in culture and diverse in attractions as Vietnam, there’s more that’s not in the guidebooks […]

Gas masks in Dan Sinh market by Adam Robert Young November 02

Where to buy your gas masks in Saigon

We’ve all been there. You move to a new city and have to go through the process of familiarising yourself with the new environment and where to go to get your daily necessities. Where’s the best cappuccino? Which dry cleaner does a good job at a great price? And of course, where can you pick […]

Adam Robert Young photography October 27

Scene from a Saigon Temple

Flat out at the moment editing photos from the last week or two – I’ve been busy shooting some personal projects as well as some work for a lifestyle magazine (more on that in later posts). Here’s one of the images from my wanderings around Ho Chi Minh City recently. Temples are such photogenic places! […]

Adam Robert Young - Ten Thousand Buddha Pagoda in Ho Chi Minh City July 28

Ten thousand Buddhas and a smoking monk

Admiring the view from my bedroom window, I often notice a temple of some kind with a small pagoda on the roof and wonder what lies inside. Well, I wonder no more. Last week I took a wander in the general direction of the pagoda and ended up spending a couple of hours inside (thanks […]