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Kids and mangoes in Guangzhou

On this trip to Chebei urban village in Guangzhou there was no surveillance, no drinking police officers, no mouth-painting calligraphers. Although I didn’t collect any fascinating stories this time, I did manage to come home with some photos I don’t mind, one in particular that I quite like. This one: I was walking through the […]

Vietnam – Part 2

Moving from the laid-back peacefulness of my wife’s small hometown to the frenetic buzz of Hochiminh City takes some adjustment, but in the mindst of all the hustle and bustle, there’s still a relaxed culture at its core. A culture that appreciates good food and good company, and that enjoying the two is something valuable […]

Calligraphy in China, with a twist…

Back in my university days, a part of my Chinese studies course involved learning Chinese calligraphy – writing Chinese characters with ink and a brush. The one thing I really learnt was this: IT’S FREAKING DIFFICULT! This highly involved art form still permeates Chinese culture, and on a recent walk on my way to an […]


Venturing south of the border after having lived in China for years, I half expected Vietnam to be a less-developed version of the same thing. Boy was I wrong! I was blown away by the difference between Vietnam and China in so many aspects, but particularly the culture and spirit of its people. OK, OK, […]