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Xian Cun Village Guangzhou, China April 24

Children, propaganda and death in Xiancun (Behind the Wall – Xiancun Village Today Part 2)

This is a continuation of a post based on my final trip to Xiancun village. Some of what you read may make little sense unless you take a quick look at some of the background in this post. As I was walking inside Xiancun towards the public meeting and undercover officers that I would soon […]

Xian Cun urban village in Guangzhou, China - Adam Robert Young April 10

Behind the wall – Xiancun village today (Part 1)

Vacant shells of half-demolished buildings rise from piles of concrete rubble. This scene of utter destruction, despite appearances, is not the remains of a bombed city in a war-torn nation. It is a suburb smack-bang in the middle of one of the fastest developing Chinese cities – Guangzhou. Those that have been following this blog […]

Adam Robert Young Xian Cun Guangzhou China Photography July 14

Xiancun village – A brave fight and sad loss

Today, the village of Xiancun in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou is surrounded by a wall with police and military guards at the gates, and the community is preparing for its inevitably tragic fate. ID is required to enter the village, and at this point, nobody but the local residents who stay and fight […]