Cover Done April 07

Recent work – the random nature of magazine photography

Just thought I’d share some snaps from the last two issues to show the range of photos I’ve been called on to take for Oi Vietnam over the last two months. Some are more fun than others, but if anything, I’m learning to be more and more versatile! If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll […]

Juicy steak food photography April 06

A simple but magical trick for food photography…

Sometimes it’s the really small things that make all the difference… Last month one of my jobs was to take photos of some new dishes for a Saigon restaurant called Indaba. The photos were to be used in a print advertisement promoting this month’s special dishes, as they change some items in the menu month […]

HDR Pro Cellphone Photo April 06

Getting creative with mobile phone photography

I am intensely jealous of anyone whose cellphone has a camera capable of taking even halfway-decent images! My mobile (a Motorola XT615) has the worst camera I’ve ever seen on a phone. That doesn’t mean I can’t take some interesting shots with it, though. I just have to get a little more creative! It was […]

St Patrick's Day March 17

Happy St Patrick’s day!

I didn’t realise today was St Patrick’s day until I started seeing posts on Facebook about it. It’s not something that’s well-known here in Vietnam (in a similar way as we have no idea about Teachers’ Day or Women’s Day back in Australia). And since I don’t hang out in the backpacker district of Pham […]

Le Ngoc Dung, NOT Lan Pham Thi March 16

My wife’s photos misused in a Czech hoax!

I had never imagined my photographs would be used to fool so many media outlets in Europe and Asia! Here’s how it all went down… Any photographer is happy for wider audience to see their photos, so when I got an email from somebody in the Czech Republic back in 2009 asking if they could […]

Adam Robert Young's photo sharing challenge March 11

Your favourite shot…

I’d like to try something a little different here, and I need your help to do it! This will be a dynamic post that will develop and evolve depending on your contribution. Here’s how it will work (I hope):     In the comments section below, place a link to your favourite photo (or perhaps […]

Vietnam man with big cock by Adam Robert Young March 10

My massive cock-up – how NOT to use keywords and tags for your blogposts!

It was meant to be all in good fun, but my curious little experiment went wrong and I created a monster! I’m referring to my post back in January about men here in Saigon who raise roosters for cock fighting. When I decided on the title “Vietnamese Men With Big Cocks”, I thought I might […]


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