Monthly Archives: July 2013

The Beginning

For those that have been following my journey here (the blog, Twitter, Facebook etc), it’s likely you’ve read my post titled The End. It was a time when I’d reached the point where I was prepared to let go of photography and try to get on with my life without it. The problem was, it […]

Adam Robert Young - Ten Thousand Buddha Pagoda in Ho Chi Minh City July 28

Ten thousand Buddhas and a smoking monk

Admiring the view from my bedroom window, I often notice a temple of some kind with a small pagoda on the roof and wonder what lies inside. Well, I wonder no more. Last week I took a wander in the general direction of the pagoda and ended up spending a couple of hours inside (thanks […]

Xe Om in Saigon photograph by Adam Robert Young July 19

Only in Vietnam!

If there’s one thing you can’t live without here in Saigon, it’s a motorbike, and bikes and scooters are a central part of life here. If you don’t have a bike of your own, though, you can always take a motorcycle taxi, or xe ôm. Their drivers hang around on corners waiting for clients, and […]

July 18

Life in the Block

One thing I’ve noted about squatter communities is that they always seem to be quite close-knit groups. I took a trip back to the abandoned apartment block in District 5 of Ho Chi Minh City last weekend and discovered that the block is a self-contained residential area, with people not only living and playing in […]

Adam Robert Young Vietnam photography July 12

The Block

Five minutes scooter ride from downtown Ho Chi Minh City stands an old decrepit building in District 5 of the metropolis. This fourteen-story monolith is home to a large community of squatters, and my latest and greatest discovery here. Some of the mailboxes at the base of the building. “Loi ra” means “exit” OK, honestly, […]