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David Tao Guangzhou concert by Adam Robert Young October 30

A Chinese concert and a revelation

What many people don’t know is that photography isn’t my only creative outlet. I am also a musician – or at least I used to be. I hung the guitar up many years ago, and it has sat collecting dust ever since. Lately, however, I have started to feel the draw back to music. I’ve […]

Adam Robert Young photography October 27

Scene from a Saigon Temple

Flat out at the moment editing photos from the last week or two – I’ve been busy shooting some personal projects as well as some work for a lifestyle magazine (more on that in later posts). Here’s one of the images from my wanderings around Ho Chi Minh City recently. Temples are such photogenic places! […]

Adam Robert Young photography October 26


Just a quick post – a shot I took last week as I was setting out on a solo photowalk. I’ve been busy the last week or two, so my posts have been few and far between. Don’t despair, there’s a flood coming…

Vo Nguyen Giap's funeral in Saigon by Adam Robert Young October 13

Vietnam mourns a national hero

Mourners wait to pay their respects to Vietnamese hero Vo Nguyen Giap in Ho Chi Minh City Last week saw the passing of General Võ Nguyên Giáp, who many Vietnamese think of as the last true Vietnamese hero. He was a brilliant military strategist who was instrumental in Vietnamese victories against both the French and […]

Photo by Adam Robert Young October 08

The day I almost became a father in Saigon!

Just one word: AWKWARD. That’s how I felt when the woman looked into my eyes and asked if I wanted to take her youngest son. It was certainly not the kind of thing I was expecting when I set out on a random walk across the river from my apartment last Sunday morning. Here’s the […]