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authentic pho brisbane February 02

YouTube video number 2!

I’m trying to keep the momentum up, so here’s video number two – how to have AUTHENTIC pho in Brisbane (or anywhere).  

Dinner Withlocals Ho Chi MInh City June 06

Dinner With Locals in Saigon

Last week, thanks to Withlocals, I experienced an amazing Vietnamese banquet prepared by a former restauranteur. Withlocals is a great way to really experience the local culture when travelling overseas. One kind of experience that can be arranged via their website is to enjoy an authentic home-cooked meal in the home of a local family. […]

Juicy steak food photography April 06

A simple but magical trick for food photography…

Sometimes it’s the really small things that make all the difference… Last month one of my jobs was to take photos of some new dishes for a Saigon restaurant called Indaba. The photos were to be used in a print advertisement promoting this month’s special dishes, as they change some items in the menu month […]

McDonalds opens its first store in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam February 08

McDonalds opens its first ever store in Vietnam

Love them or hate them, there’s no denying McDonalds’ global influence. The golden arches are the most recognised symbol in the world. One of the last bastions it had not yet broken into was Vietnam – at least until today! I braved the crowds to swing by and check it out myself. I was expecting […]

Bo Nong restaurant dishes - Photo by Adam Robert Young February 07

A Franco-Vietnamese Cabaret in Saigon – Heaven and Hell in one job

It was a day of extreme highs and lows on my first assignment of the year… I was given the task of shooting the food and performances at Bo Nong – a new French-owned cabaret-style restaurant here in Ho Chi Minh City. I arrived and started trying to figure out where I was gonna shoot […]