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Adam Robert Young photography website August 21

The new look website!

If you haven’t checked out my website for a while, head over to, as I’ve made some changes to the overall look, and there’s a whole new gallery which will be growing over the next few months. // See you there!

Brisbane CBD street photography Adam Robert Young August 17

Brisbane – Morning Light

I must revisit this spot, there’s potential here for something better than this, but the light only lasts about ten minutes, so it may take quite a few visits to come away with a great image. I just know that the perfect character will one day step into that spotlight, it’s only a matter of […]

King George Square Brisbane Adam Robert Young street photography August 12

King George Square in August (take 1)


street photography Brisbane Adam Robert Young August 10

The Brisbane cyclist

I’m thinking I might have to start posting more regularly, since I’ve been enjoying the winter afternoon sun quite a bit lately, and it’s been producing some nice images for me! Here’s one of them. If Brisbane keeps this up, I may just get addicted!

King George Square skater street photography Brisbane August 08

King George Square – officially my fave spot now!

Can’t stay away from this place in the afternoon light! The hard thing is gonna be to tear myself away from the square and find other places to shoot!

rose grave cemetery Brisbane August 01

You will be forgotten, live now!

A trip to South Brisbane cemetery triggered some sombre reflection about the inevitability of our time on this life coming to an end, and all traces of our existence eventually fading without trace. Yeah, this is not going to be the most cheerful of posts, but stick with me, it will all be OK in […]