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authentic pho brisbane February 02

YouTube video number 2!

I’m trying to keep the momentum up, so here’s video number two – how to have AUTHENTIC pho in Brisbane (or anywhere).  

Vietnamese girl wearing non la conical hat by Adam Robert Young September 01

Lydia’s shoot in Saigon

I admit it, I’m kinda in love with the crumbling apartment complex at 727 Tran Hung Dao. Most of you have seen my other posts about the place The Block, Life in the Block, and Tran Hung Dao – From Riches to Rags. Recently the Saigon Photographic meetups group took a trip to the place. […]

January 27

3 years today (or is that 7)?

Today is the anniversary of the day my wife and I tied the knot. While that was three years ago, our journey together actually began back in 2006. I’m not gonna really say much more – just gonna share some photos from the last 7 years with an amazing girl! From when we started going […]

restoration - van khoa dau - Vietnam's ancient script January 21

The restorers – ancient Vietnamese manuscripts behind locked doors

Before the French created the romanized Vietnamese phonetic alphabet, before Chinese influence had Vietnamese elite communicating with variations of Chinese characters, the Vietnamese had their own phonetic writing system. Thousands of years ago, the alphabet called Văn Khoa Đầu – literally “tadpole script” was widespread among educated Vietnamese. Chinese invasion saw an end to the […]