December 14

Thinking of Moving to Brisbane in 2022? Watch this first!

March 22

When Australian LANDSCAPE and STREET photographers compete in STREET PHOTOGRAPHY…

street photography australia gold coast November 12

Street Photography on Australia’s Gold Coast

October 12

Doing street photography with off-camera flash

October 02

My day with the landmine-detecting Hero Rats in Cambodia.

September 12

Life as a Lifestyle Magazine Photographer in Vietnam (flashback).

April 20

Scenes from Brisbane in Lockdown

January 21

Street Photography in Brisbane’s CBD

Follow me as I share the hits and misses from about an hour wandering around Queen Street Mall in Brisbane, Australia. This is Australian street photography…  

brisbane street photographers April 24

Street Photographers of Brisbane

In this short documentary, I speak with three street photographers from Brisbane, Australia to get their views on the genre. I also ask them about what is unique to doing street photography in Brisbane, and if they have encountered any confrontation in the streets. Hope you enjoy!

March 29

A Taoist temple in Brisbane!

I’m proud of myself for the video sequence in this one – I think I’m learning quickly! You can skip my talking head if you like, but please check out the video of the temple I made. I’m still learning, but I do feel there’s definitely potential…