rose grave cemetery Brisbane August 01

You will be forgotten, live now!

A trip to South Brisbane cemetery triggered some sombre reflection about the inevitability of our time on this life coming to an end, and all traces of our existence eventually fading without trace. Yeah, this is not going to be the most cheerful of posts, but stick with me, it will all be OK in […]

Fortitude Valley Adam Robert Young photography June 30

Saturday night at the Valley

Random shot from a recent trip to Fortitude Valley here in Brisbane. I sat a flash in the corner and captured people passing as they enjoyed their evening out. While I usually prefer candid shots, I do like the way it turned out when this guy put on a show when he saw the camera.

Adam Robert Young Brisbane street photography May 12

More Brisbane street

Just some pictures…

Brisbane street photography Adam Robert Young May 09

Getting back to the streets

It seems it’s time for me to get out and shoot just for me. With all the time I’ve spent recently shooting for others (even Saigon Panorama is technically not MY book – I did it on commission for a publisher in Vietnam), it feels like I’d almost forgotten what it is to make photos […]

Buddha's Birthday Festival 2015 Brisbane May 07

Buddha’s Birthday Festival, Brisbane ’15

Just thought I’d share some photos from the festival at South Bank last weekend. The festival started with a blessing of the Bodhi Tree outside the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), which is claimed to have direct lineage to India’s original Bodhi Tree where the founder of Buddhism – Siddhartha Gautama – is said to […]

Protesters in Queen Street Mall, Brisbane, 2015. May 03

Aboriginal protest in Brisbane – May 2nd, 2015

Australian media. While I’ve always known the agendas of media moguls play a large part in the news that gets play and that which news goes unreported, but the events of this weekend have really opened my eyes in a new way. It all started when my wife and I decided to walk into the […]

Anzac Day 7 April 26

Anzac day in Brisbane, 2015

Anzac day is the day Australia commemorates those who have served the nation in overseas conflicts from world war 1 through to the current service in Afghanistan. It’s also the day hundreds of photographers and photography enthusiasts converge on the city to take millions of photographs of the parade as the military marches past. I […]


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