Adam Robert Young November 27

Two Down, One to Go…

November’s been a busy one, but a good one. October saw me wrap up the first year of my Masters degree (on a pretty decent note), and this month I turned my focus to getting my work from this year “out there”. I was pleased to be invited to be a part of two separate […]

ips 1 November 10

An upcoming exhibition in Brisbane…

I’ve never been superstitious. In fact, I’m the kind of person who goes out of his way to walk under ladders, open umbrellas indoors and god knows how many mirrors I’ve broken, so I was quite excited to find out that the opening night for the upcoming group exhibition “In Plain Sight” will fall on […]

Adam The Big Issue Photojournalism Wesley Mission charity October 27

Anti-Poverty Week 2015 – “Through My Eyes” Exhibition, Brisbane

This month, I have the pleasure of having some of my images displayed in Brisbane Square Library as part of Wesley Mission’s “Through My Eyes” photojournalism exhibition for two months from October 11, launched as part of Anti-poverty Week 2015. I also showed a short multimedia presentation at the opening, which was the result of […]

Adam Robert Young photography website August 21

The new look website!

If you haven’t checked out my website for a while, head over to, as I’ve made some changes to the overall look, and there’s a whole new gallery which will be growing over the next few months. // See you there!

Brisbane CBD street photography Adam Robert Young August 17

Brisbane – Morning Light

I must revisit this spot, there’s potential here for something better than this, but the light only lasts about ten minutes, so it may take quite a few visits to come away with a great image. I just know that the perfect character will one day step into that spotlight, it’s only a matter of […]

King George Square Brisbane Adam Robert Young street photography August 12

King George Square in August (take 1)


street photography Brisbane Adam Robert Young August 10

The Brisbane cyclist

I’m thinking I might have to start posting more regularly, since I’ve been enjoying the winter afternoon sun quite a bit lately, and it’s been producing some nice images for me! Here’s one of them. If Brisbane keeps this up, I may just get addicted!


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