Monthly Archives: May 2013

Adam Robert Young China Guangzhou May 29

An oldie but a goodie

Figured I’d share a little triple exposure photo I took back in the day when I shot with film… It’s the result of taking three different photos without advancing the film, so the light was captured three times on the same frame. The first frame was the school you see – in focus. Then I […]

The End.

Today is the day the dream died. Today is the day I stop talking about myself in terms of what I see myself doing rather than what I actually do. As of today, I no longer call myself a photographer. I’m just some guy that takes photos from time to time. I regret that I […]

Vietnamese iced tea by Adam Robert Young May 26

Scenes from a Saigon cafe

It’s just another day in Saigon, but there’s always something interesting going on, as these images from my favourite little cafe near my apartment show… Of course just observing the regular folk that come to take twenty minutes of down time with an iced coffee is a great way to start the day. And of […]

Adam Robert Young - view of District 5, Ho Chi Minh City May 21

New home

So I’m now living in Ho Chi Minh City (or Saigon for my mother’s generation). Just thought I’d share a quick snapshot taken from the bedroom window of my new apartment. For the photographers out there, it was a 48 second exposure at f22 (thus the light stream of headlights on the road due to […]

Saigon cat photograph - Adam Robert Young May 19

Saigon Wandering

I’ve been in Vietnam since the first day of April, but the demands of reality have meant it is not until yesterday that I finally got the chance to get out with my camera. It was a long time coming, but quite worthwhile. I took a walk down to the pedestrian bridge that crosses the […]

The Station by Fang Tong May 14

Influences: Flickr Finds

Call it writer’s block, call it what you will, but sometimes I find myself feeling uninspired and lacking motivation to pick up the camera. One way I’ve found of remedying this is checking out some photographic images that inspire me, and one place that has an abundance of creative, quality photographs is the photo sharing […]

After photoshop screen layer blending mode May 03

Pulling details out of shadow in Photoshop with blending modes

Let me start with this: I AM NOT, NOR CLAIM TO BE, A PHOTO EDITING MAESTRO. There are many folk out there who are veritable wizards with Photoshop and the plethora of image editing programs out there. I am simply a photographer who likes to make the most of the tools at my disposal. To […]