Monthly Archives: November 2013

Adam Robert Young Saigon Cityscape Photograph November 30

The Hunt (The day-long search for “The Shot”)

Just when I thought it was safe to put my feet up and relax (all my shots had been submitted for the December issue of the magazine) I made the mistake of checking my email… Waiting for me was a message from the creative director with a request. The magazine’s media pack was to be […]

money dollar burning fire Asia Vietnam China November 10

Money to Burn

How do you transfer cash to family that have already passed through to the next life? According to Vietnamese tradition, the answer is simple: burn it! Actually this doesn’t apply only to money. You can buy cars, houses, even Luis Vuitton handbags to send to your loved ones in the afterlife. While it’s losing its […]

Sydney photography by Adam Robert Young November 09

Photography composition: Framing the shot

Sometimes you have to create an image that captures a somewhat uninspiring subject, but still make it look interesting. So what do you do? I came across this situation when I was trying to take a photo of the building I lived in for a short time in Sydney (Hordern Towers). The building itself was […]

Oi Magazine November issue cover November 06

The perks and challenges of being a lifestyle magazine photographer

It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it! October saw a new door open for me and I started contributing to the Saigon-based lifestyle magazine Oi Vietnam. Magazine photography is not something I’d done a lot of in the past, but it’s been a whole lot of fun so far, and you’ll be seeing […]

Motorcycle Taxi Break in Saigon by Adam Robert Young November 03

This is textbook Ho Chi Minh City!

Nothing is more Vietnam than a xe om (motorcycle taxi) driver chilling on his bike as he waits for customers, and nothing says Saigon more than Ben Thanh market – the historic tourist trap that all visitors to Ho Chi Minh City are sure to visit. To me, this photo captures the essence of this […]

Gas masks in Dan Sinh market by Adam Robert Young November 02

Where to buy your gas masks in Saigon

We’ve all been there. You move to a new city and have to go through the process of familiarising yourself with the new environment and where to go to get your daily necessities. Where’s the best cappuccino? Which dry cleaner does a good job at a great price? And of course, where can you pick […]