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December 16

The ones that didn’t make it (December 2013, Part 2)

Part 1 here In November, disaster struck on one of my shoots – an embarrassing mistake that led to some drastic cosmetic surgery and that will haunt me for some time to come. But first, the background… The cover story for the December issue was about unique boutiques in Saigon. The total of fifteen boutique […]

A Dong Nai province temple - Adam Robert Young photography December 09

Finding hidden gems in Vietnam

Now I’m the last person to tell you to rush out and burn your Lonely Planet guidebook, but there’s a realisation I finally came to recently that I just have to share… When it comes to a country so rich in culture and diverse in attractions as Vietnam, there’s more that’s not in the guidebooks […]

Green Youth Collective, Vietnam December 07

The ones that didn’t make it (December 2013, part 1)

One of the more difficult things for photographers whose images are published in magazines and papers can be seeing their preferred shots miss out, replaced instead by photos we saw as the “plan B” shot. There’s a number of reasons for this – from different subjective taste of photo editors and creative directors to some […]

December 04

Behind the scenes – Oi Vietnam’s cover shoot

Vietnam is a unique place, and so when it comes to pulling together a cover shoot for one of the most popular English language magazines in Saigon (and I would argue the best quality one), when things go wrong, they’re not likely to be your run-of-the-mill problems. I discovered this in the process of producing […]

Adam Robert Young - Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon, Vietnam. A long exposure photograph. December 02

The “backup shot”

This post is the sequel to my last one The Hunt (the day-long search for “The Shot”). If you haven’t read it, I really recommend you do – you’ll get a lot more out of this post knowing what had led up to this point… OK, so I’ll assume you’ve read The Hunt now… So […]