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Saigon Opera House - Adam Robert Young August 04

Saigon Opera House

Just thought I’d share this shot I took for my upcoming book (hey, that rhymes!). Click on the image to see the larger version in Flickr!

Reunification Palace Light show in Saigon, 2013, by Adam Robert Young. February 26

From the archives: Reunification Light

Here’s an example of when things work together to lift an ordinary shot up to something more… I was shooting a light show organised by the French consulate in Saigon to celebrate French-Vietnamese friendship toward the end of 2013. The photographers had turned out en-masse and were all shooting much the same thing as each […]

Adam Robert Young - Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon, Vietnam. A long exposure photograph. December 02

The “backup shot”

This post is the sequel to my last one The Hunt (the day-long search for “The Shot”). If you haven’t read it, I really recommend you do – you’ll get a lot more out of this post knowing what had led up to this point… OK, so I’ll assume you’ve read The Hunt now… So […]

Canton tower night lights - Adam Robert Young September 06

Embrace it!

Excuses Excuses Excuses… “If only I had better gear, I could take some amazing photos!” “I didn’t bring my camera, how can I take photos? Mobile phone cameras don’t allow me the control I need to produce anything of any quality” Well, I can understand where people who say these things are coming from. There’s […]