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March 12

Impressions of Brisbane

It was a rainy Friday in Brisbane. The city centre was alive with activity as workers rushed out to grab a bite during their lunch break, and shoppers busied themselves with the task of filling their wardrobe with even more threads. Lately I’ve been thinking about expression in photography. The ability to communicate mood is […]

Adam Robert Young Brisbane Train street photography March 05

BNE Train – a reflective post

A quick post today to share this moment on the train between South Brisbane and Roma Street Stations yesterday afternoon on my way to meet my wife Jade for a meal in the city. I’ve been so focused on projects recently I realise I’d forgotten to find the joy in capturing everyday magic moments that […]

rose grave cemetery Brisbane August 01

You will be forgotten, live now!

A trip to South Brisbane cemetery triggered some sombre reflection about the inevitability of our time on this life coming to an end, and all traces of our existence eventually fading without trace. Yeah, this is not going to be the most cheerful of posts, but stick with me, it will all be OK in […]

Splits Noodle Girl - Adam Robert Young August 25

So my photo is being viewed all over the world. You’d think I’d be happy! (AKA to watermark or not?)

After going semi-viral here in Vietnam, my photo of So You Think You Can Dance Vietnam’s Doan Vu Minh Tu doing the splits between two chairs with a bowl of noodles has turned up on websites around the world. I did a quick Google search and found it appearing on blogs and other sites from […]

Even if you give up on your dreams, they may not give up on you…

Do you ever feel that despite your most concerted efforts – the blood, sweat and tears – you cannot seem to get anywhere in life, in your career, or in following your dreams? I feel you – I was there exactly one year ago. This day one year ago, I announced to the world that […]

Vietnam man with big cock by Adam Robert Young March 10

My massive cock-up – how NOT to use keywords and tags for your blogposts!

It was meant to be all in good fun, but my curious little experiment went wrong and I created a monster! I’m referring to my post back in January about men here in Saigon who raise roosters for cock fighting. When I decided on the title “Vietnamese Men With Big Cocks”, I thought I might […]

David Tao Guangzhou concert by Adam Robert Young October 30

A Chinese concert and a revelation

What many people don’t know is that photography isn’t my only creative outlet. I am also a musician – or at least I used to be. I hung the guitar up many years ago, and it has sat collecting dust ever since. Lately, however, I have started to feel the draw back to music. I’ve […]