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March 08

My first ever YouTube tutorial – How to do a Day to Night Photo.

Even if you give up on your dreams, they may not give up on you…

Do you ever feel that despite your most concerted efforts – the blood, sweat and tears – you cannot seem to get anywhere in life, in your career, or in following your dreams? I feel you – I was there exactly one year ago. This day one year ago, I announced to the world that […]

Juicy steak food photography April 06

A simple but magical trick for food photography…

Sometimes it’s the really small things that make all the difference… Last month one of my jobs was to take photos of some new dishes for a Saigon restaurant called Indaba. The photos were to be used in a print advertisement promoting this month’s special dishes, as they change some items in the menu month […]

HDR Pro Cellphone Photo April 06

Getting creative with mobile phone photography

I am intensely jealous of anyone whose cellphone has a camera capable of taking even halfway-decent images! My mobile (a Motorola XT615) has the worst camera I’ve ever seen on a phone. That doesn’t mean I can’t take some interesting shots with it, though. I just have to get a little more creative! It was […]

Vietnam man with big cock by Adam Robert Young March 10

My massive cock-up – how NOT to use keywords and tags for your blogposts!

It was meant to be all in good fun, but my curious little experiment went wrong and I created a monster! I’m referring to my post back in January about men here in Saigon who raise roosters for cock fighting. When I decided on the title “Vietnamese Men With Big Cocks”, I thought I might […]

Ten Thousand Buddha Pagoda Ho Chi Minh City by Adam Robert Young March 05

10,000 Buddha Pagoda revisited – what a difference a lens makes!

Those of you that have been here for a while would remember my article Ten Thousand Buddhas and a Smoking Monk. If you haven’t read it yet, now’s a great time to check it out! Anyway, I took a trip back there the other day with a mission. On my first trip there, I had […]

Sydney photography by Adam Robert Young November 09

Photography composition: Framing the shot

Sometimes you have to create an image that captures a somewhat uninspiring subject, but still make it look interesting. So what do you do? I came across this situation when I was trying to take a photo of the building I lived in for a short time in Sydney (Hordern Towers). The building itself was […]